Dunkin' Cinnamin' Nutmeg Flavoured Ground Coffee

Dunkin' Cinnamin' Nutmeg Flavoured Ground Coffee


'Tis the season but it won't last long! Act fast to make the most of it! Before you even haul out the holly, fill your cart with Dunkin ' Cinnamin' Nutmeg K Cup coffee pods . These festive flavored coffee pods are a must have this time of year. More than just cinnamon coffee , Dunkin ' Cinnamin' Nutmeg


  • Limited edition winter coffee blend, available only while supplies last
  • A delicious blend of cinnamon, nutmeg and brown sugar flavors to fill you with holiday cheer
  • An easy, festive way to savor the season
  • Enjoy the great taste of Dunkin' at home
  • 100% premium Arabica coffee grown, picked, and graded to our Dunkin' standards


may contain nuts




1. Start with a clean coffeemaker and use fresh, cold water for the best flavor. 2. Measure one heaping tablespoon of ground coffee per 6 fl oz of water (adjust to taste).